07 September 2007

apples and oranges

grande marnier cakei have lots of little things that don't really go together. so let's a have fruit salad blog post.

first, the cake.
no, no, no. there won't be a cake on the blog every week, but this one is special like S.'s cake last week. my pal D. at work got it for me because she didn't think i was working last week on my birthday. D. is great. she likes pretty, delicious things (and trying new things) and i think she likes sharing her discoveries as much as eating them. i own a previous act of D.'s generosity--a copy of an out-of-print sock pattern booklet from the 1940s calls "2 Needle Socks". i think this should accurately demonstrate the level of D.'s generosity.

at least it will to knitters.

this is a Grande Mariner cake from Stella's Bakery in Rockville, Maryland. it is delicious. you should march out right now and get one.

Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men. this is a real book. it came out in 1973. for those of you who, like me, were not walking this earth to know... Rosey was a football player in the 1960s. back when they were the Los Angeles Rams. go have a look-see. it is very amusing. i love books from the 70s. there is something about the "hipness" of them that is quaint.

like calling people "cats".

i forgot to mention that i have a knitting profile running on the Knit + Stitch = Bliss blog. have i not mentioned that i am now running the blog for my LYS (and place of employment)? hm. well, i am. yes, i am a professional blogger now. go see my "Meet the Staff" profile here.

i have been getting a lot of traffic to the blog from people googling the actors in my last show. i guess all i have to say about that is... hi, guys! but maybe it is wrong to assume they are googling themselves. i do it from time to time to see if i missed show reviews or the like. and i know at least one actor who proudly would tell anyone who would listen that he had 15 pages of listing in google. and that was 2 years ago, so he is probably up to more now. ha.

at a local gift/variety store that sells yarn i saw a knitty.com Branching Out scarf knit in lace weight Malabrigo. i want to make that scarf, so i bought the yarn. now i can't get the eff-ing gauge to look like anything worth knitting. arrrrrgh! this is just random ranting. i'll get over it and knit something else from my Malabrigo

Knit Lit is not a very good book. it should be, but i think the stories have all been edited to not really be stories, but rather those types of moments that you stop sharing and say "well, i guess you had to be there".

i think i could also be disappointed because reading about knitting is less fun than doing it. then why are blogs interesting?

and finally.
little to no knitting to report. i've been catching up on other aspects of my life. oh, who am i kidding... my sock is going in fits and starts. i keep eff-ing up the lace pattern by 1. getting cocky. 2. getting distracted. 3. drinking a 2nd beer while knitting.... which i guess is a combination of #1 and #2.

i'm halfway to the heel. maybe i'll have more to report after the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I understand about running out of time and patience for knitting. If the project isn't going too well it is frustrating! Just stopping by fro a quick visit....will be back again...from your secret pal from Fall into Autumn dishcloth swap!