12 September 2007

schlump + busy

windywhen we last left our heroine, she was in a knitting schlump. that has improved somewhat because the Fall Into Autumn Swap has started, and that is exciting.

in fact i marched right out and bought the yarn i will make my pal's cloths from. yes, cloths. i decided i am making two for her. you see, i am very excited about the fact that my pal uses both face and dishcloths. i like face cloths too, so i am making her some. they can be fancier and use smooshier cotton. the smooshier cotton is the other motivating factor. my pal doesn't have a LYS so she doesn't get to pet the good yarn like i do because i work at my LYS.

aren't the colors great? the yarn is Karabella Windy. there is only a tiny ball of the butterscotch color because i knit the first cloth last night while talking to my friend B.

so all this talk of my new pal i get to spoil.... well, i am someone's new pal too. hi new friend! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. i'll try to keep the content coming!

i'm about to run headlong into a busy spell. i have a design run tonight, fittings for the next show all weekend, drawings for a show in december that need to be worked on this weekend and tech week staring me in the face. i also managed to commit to a few social obligations here and there.

but before i slunk off to my life of work work work, let's not leave the fun behind just yet. this week's topic on the swap blog....

Now that in some geographic locations the weather is starting to turn cooler, do you change the type of yarn(s) you knit/crochet with? If so, what do you now knit/crochet with instead and why? If not, why do you not switch and what do you knit/crochet with?

i knit or crochet whatever i want whenever i want. i crocheted a cotton shawl while it was snowing out and i also completed an afghan during july and august. i think i don't change with the seasons because i don't get overheated all that often, and when i do, i'm not going to knit anyway.

i guess i change the tiniest bit when the holidays are coming because i tend to make my heaviest items for gifts during the cold weather. but is tarted my holiday gifts in august, so that doesn't have a lot to do with temperature at time of creation.

i think it also makes a difference that i am an equal opportunity fiber enthusiast. i like my cotton as much as my wools, but i don't get to do as much wool as some. many of my projects are gifts, and the majority of my close friends and some family can't wear animal fibers. so i use a lot of cotton or the occasional acrylic.

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