03 September 2007

speedy little sweater

detaili finished it! the sweater would have been finished last night, but my energy went downhill at midnight. i left 3 rows of sleeve knitting and the end-weaving to today. but here it is!


Unseen Sweater
designed by kittything
available as a free download in ladies size xs/s

knit in Reynolds Rapture (6 skeins #420 Charcoal Grey, 50% silk 50% wool) purchased at Knit + Stitch = Bliss on size US 10 circular and double point needles.

started: August 23, 2007
finished: September 3, 2007

this was a fun little project. it kept me busy and out of trouble while i was in tech for the show Sight Unseen, which is part of where the name comes from. the other part of the name's origin is the fact that i knit at least half of this thing in the dark.

it is a super easy project and would make great TV knitting. also, with so little finishing, you could practically cast off and wear it if you weave your ends as you go along.

unseen sweateri have only written the pattern for one size because... well.... i would rather be knitting new projects than doing math for old ones. (and it is free. pay me and i'll size it up for you.)

if you understand the construction of a top-down raglan sweater, you can easily modify to size this baby up. as it is, you can customize the length by trying it on as you go and adjusting length or adjusting the increases (both in number and position).

i took the second photo without a flash. yes, really. the silk in the yarn really throws the light! yowza.

i really loved this yarn, and i am pleased to report that i still have two skeins of the grey and two skeins of pink. i think something fun will be happening to those little darlings soon.

but with all the leftover yarn... can you believe i knit a whole sweater (yes, short sleeved) out of less than 450 yards yarn? i'm shocked. i knit a sweater with roughly the same number of yards as a sock. i know it is a chunkier yarn, but sheesh.

ps- this is my first sweater design. and technically it is the first adult-sized sweater i have knit. go me.

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