05 September 2007

not entirely unwarm

reviews are out for my latest show. the critics were not entirely unkind, but they were very honest about the script itself. Sight Unseen was Margulies first success, and it is a very young play. but as Jonathan in the script doth say... "you can't fault the artist for being young." besides, criticizing formerly celebrated works because the playwright has grown and become better seems disingenuous to me.

the reviews....

The Baltimore Sun review by Mary Carole McCauley is here. and you can read a review by James Howard here.

and here are a few pictures from the show for you to enjoy. all photos by Stan Barouh.

Jonathan (Paul Morella) and Grete (Karen Novak) in the gallery

Nick (Bob Rogerson), Jonathan (Paul Morella) and Patricia (Deborah Hazlett) in the farmhouse

in the studio
Jonathan (Paul Morella) and Patty (Deborah Hazlett) in the studio

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