12 September 2007

one step beyond

i had an interesting blog-related experience in my real life today. i'm sure everyone eventually has this happen, but it was new to me.

one of the cast members of my current show interjected in conversation "hey, i like your blog." i kinda didn't know what to say because 1. i'm not related to this person. 2. he is a brand new friend, so i have not told him i have a blog myself. 3. this is the first time a guy has ever said something positive about my blog.

now, i started the blog for close real life friends and family to keep track of what i'm up to and see that i am, in fact, alive and well and knitting in paris. (i wish. couldn't resist a theatre joke.) and i only usually tell people about the blog if they are my knitting friends. they have a similar addiction, so we can't judge each other. other pals who find out... fine. and they usually won't tease because... well... they found the blog. no one wants to tease someone (right away) whom they have taken enough interest in to find the blog thereof.

and the last bit about a guy saying nice things about a (bright pink) blog mostly devoted to knitting.... well... as, i said K. is a new acquaintance, and he seems like a pretty good guy. his mother probably raised him right.

now, in other work-related nonsense. i was driving home from his design run tonight and got stuck behind a truck with a bumper sticker that was confusing. i understood it but as i followed it for block after, block, i kept think "what is the point?"

it was all red and in plain white block letters it read...

It's cheaper to yank your own.
Crazy Ray's

maybe the only point is that ray, in fact, really is crazy.

i need to stop now because i am using to many parenthetical phrases. there are a lot of them in the text of my current show. now they are gumming up my brain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Knittything, I like your comment about not getting My Space and I just noticed that you have a CUA link on your blog...to amazing...did you go there...I have two students there right now and they love it. One is a senior the other a freshman (and fresh he is!) Well, anyway I don't get myspace either. Love the blogs though....be back soon....

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have said I am your swap pal, otherwise my comment sounds creepy! Sorry about that!