04 September 2007

the fairest of them all

hatit isn't very often i get to say i finished two projects in one 24 hour period and learned something new to boot! today is one of those days. i finished the sweater, cast on for the hat, taught myself to fair isle and finished the hat in one full day.


Center Square Hat
designed by London Nelson
published on knitty.com

knit in Reynolds Rapture (1 skein #420 Charcoal Grey, 1 skein #244 Pale Pink, 50% silk 50% wool) purchased at Knit + Stitch = Bliss on size US 10 double points.

started: september 3, 2007
finished: september 4, 2007

i rockthis was a fun little knit, and as you can see in the photo to the right i now think i am a badass because i managed my first fair isle project. yes, that is my badass face.

if i knit this again, i will probably make a few small changes. i think i would knit a few more rows of ribbing and extend the center of the pattern by knitting two grey rows and two pink rows before continuing the circle/square chart (instead of one each). i think i just like my hats a tiny bit longer.

changes i did make... rather than placing my paired decreases directly beside each other, i spaced them on either side of the marker. it just looks a little prettier that way. i also decreased a little less before tying off the center live stitches. i didn't want to get a pointy top to my hat.

i still have 2 full skeins of grey and 1 full skein of pink. hm. i may try to make something to go with these, but i'm not much for matchy sets. so they may just end up hanging out in the stash for a little while. we'll see!


Cactusneedles said...

Great job! Love the badass face! :)

Marietta said...

like the hat!
well done for the first time round...get it? round...so funny! i know....