26 September 2007


that is the sound of a drive by blogging. still really busy, but i cannot resist a quick little update. and i have to post my next Fall Into Autumn topic!

thank you for all of the nice comments on my Log Cabin Sock. i have not been knitting long, but i try really hard to make my stuff look better than my duration of experience would suggest. i'm glad to see that is working!

i think my cables turn out pretty nice because i taught myself to cable early on in the adventure of learning to knit. since the first (unfinished still) cabled scarf, i have made fetching from knitty.com and the cabled neck tube from helloyarn. i say i don't like cables, but i really enjoy how they look. i just don't particularly like making them.

now.... ta-daaa! i finished the first sock sunday night. i'm pretty pleased with it. i did a few modifications to make it more to my liking, but overall i think it is a better pattern than people have been giving it credit for out in blogland. i have not cast on for the 2nd yet because... well...


Autumn has now officially begun here in the States!! What is your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall? Why?

my favourite thing about this time of year is the weather change. as much as i like summer, i prefer the cooler temperatures. i like to dress in layers, and i love to wear scarves and hats (both fashion accessories like silk scarves and newsboy caps as well as the warmer hand knit/crocheted varieties) with my outfits.

i also enjoy the look of fall--the leaves, fall flowers, and the quality of the sunshine. there is something about the angle of the sun once we reach fall that really appeals to me. it also seems to me like the wildlife gets more active during the fall. the squirrels and birds are out and about busying themselves with winter preparations after being less active in the summer heat.

fall is also exciting because it is the return of the live theatre season. i work a lot in the summer, but the new season beings to unroll beginning in september and it has a new energy that the last shows being dragged out in the summer lack. there is something about being in either a freezing (from AC) theatre or a sweltering theatre (lack of AC) that makes me long for the fall.


Anonymous said...

Your sock looks so good. I admire how well the cables line up. Good luck with the show and have a great weekend!

Cactusneedles said...

I like the socks. I'm working on the Fetching mitts right now. Yours are great. I like that color. Have a great one! :)