23 September 2007

tech burnout

i keep trying to start an entry, but then i stop because i am too tired or what i am writing about doesn't seem that important. or i would rather be knitting a sock than typing.

all valid reasons.

i've been working a lot to get my show up on its feet. evenings in the theatre, weekend chained to a sewing machine. even a costume design emergency. maybe i'll talk about that later.

i started another sock. yeah, yeah, yeah... southwestern socks are still sitting there, but at least the new pair is a holiday gift. i'm knitting the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. they are really easy and pretty fun. i get tired of cables sort of fast so i am starting early enough to be sure they get done by christmas. these socks go so quickly (they are knit in a worsted weight yarn) that i'm sure i won't have trouble getting them done. i have about an inch more to go in the cable pattern on the instep before i start the toe decreases.

these will be going on a male foot, and i hope i get the size right. i'm actually more concerned about making them too big--not too small! we'll see. this recipient is very "free" with his size opinions.

southwestern socks might be taking a longish break because i have a lot of holiday gifts ahead of me. i've taken care of all of my girlfriends whom i knit for, and i am pretty far along for my father. a couple gentleman friends still need presents and i have not settled on any of the projects i'm making for my mum. way to put things off!

to be fair, some of what i have put off are my crochet projects because i know i am fast with crochet, and i can crack out those presents very quickly (two hats and a toy).

pretty fall flowers

* * *

hi swap pal!
don't fret about me working at a LYS. i am easily amused by yarn and pretty things made for me. i am excited that you are getting to come to DC and enjoy the beautiful fall we are having. i hope it stays pretty for you!
i'm sure your "company" isn't interested in going to yarn stores, but if you get the chance, here are some to check out.... Knit + Stitch = Bliss (metro accessible, this is where i work) A Tangled Skein (fairly new, i have not gone yet) and Stitch DC (3 locations in DC. i think their prices are high)


Dr. Purl said...

Very nice socks!

Cactusneedles said...

I like the cables and the color! Great job!:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks...lovely cable work. You knit good!! Keep your eyes peeled this weekend because I may just pop it to check out your store. I love visiting LYS and I am sure my daughter will get me there! How much fun...I can't wait to see my "little" rug rats and they love getting out of school for the weekend and eating off campus. Have a great week and try not to work so hard!

Marietta said...

i cannot believe that you forgot *my* store :)
tangled skein is nice - a bit dark but good selection of yarns