01 September 2007


sunflowers and lilieslast night i went to the opening of my show that is playing in Baltimore. thehairyape joined me, and it was a good time. pretty good opening night show. good audience. and so forth.

after the show we had tapas and sangria down the street from the theatre for my birthday. sangria seems to be my Official Birthday Drink. yum.

the picture is pink lilies and sunflowers that thehairyape gave me. aren't they pretty? he has good taste in flowers. maybe he should give lessons to the clueless men of the world who buy the same flowers over and over again for their mothers, partners, and female friends.

the show details....

Sight Unseen
by Donald Marguiles
playing at Everyman Theatre
now through October 7, 2007

Directed by Daniel De Raey
Featuring Deborah Hazlett, Paul Morella, Karen Novack, and Bob Rogerson.

Read more about the show here. Or buy your tickets here.

i'll post some pictures for your enjoyment soon.

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Criquette said...

Happy belated b-day. Beautiful flowers, too!