16 September 2007

fingers are overrated

deluxe mittenwho really needs to use their fingers that much? we have thumbs for all the important stuff. i'm a fan of mittens. i think they keep your hands warmer than gloves because you get a nice pocket of warm air around your frosty digits. i also think that mittens are a great cover over a pair of gloves--especially for playing in the snow. get your mittens soaked and peel them off to still have warm gloves inside. yay.

i knit this mitten (his mate is on hold until november) for a class i will be teaching at the store. i have three: Crochet for Knitters, Glove and Mitten Fundamentals, Beginning Crochet. fun!

back to my non-work life. sorta.

the sample mitten trumped any sock knitting aspirations i had for the weekend. i took my 2nd southwestern sock to work with me friday, started the mitten, and the sock hasn't come out to play since. i have been busy.

  • worked the store and finished the mitten friday night when i got home.
  • had the most awesome fittings with my cast saturday morning and afternoon. (early too! i was up at 7:15. this is not normal kittything behavior)
  • recovered for a couple hours. my awesome cast stole all my energy.
  • had dinner at Mandalay with thehairyape. in was awesome. we walked over because it was such a beautiful evening. once there i had a mango and pomegranate martini and a different tofu dish i hadn't tried before. we also ran into the fantastic gwendo calrissian enjoying the cool weather and spicy food.
probably very little knitting for the next few days. i have costumes that need to be altered. i also really have the urge to cook. i may do a big "stock up" and put things in the freezer. i think i am making veggie chili tonight. it is a cool day and that sounds really good to me.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah.
i ate my mandalay leftovers today for lunch.. mmmmmm...

Everybody's super-excited about the costumes for the show, except of course the ladies who are paranoid about their tummies.

Kevin said...

and the guys who need to go to Palm Beach Tan

seriously, though, not so much a fan of the mitten. i always feel clumsy :(

Marietta said...

i take credit your for gwen's comment about the tummies :)
happy to hear that the fittings went well. Penguin's went well too...i wonder who else will be visiting my "closet" soon

FRM115 said...

in my defense i will say that there is very little tummy actually being shown! and those being shown are very flat indeed. as for tans... well, some boys would still be white even if they did tan. they would just be orange and white if they went tanning. =)

ps- i ::heart:: marietta.