14 September 2007

the friday of my randomness

with my current level of busy, the late week round-up is looking poised to become a new regular addition to the blog. this is what i have to say today... in no particular order...

1. i had the best night last night.
my friend AP and i have been trying to get together for over a month now, and last night we finally made it happen. he took me to Raku in dupont, which i had never been to for reasons that are now mysterious to me. i had sushi. he had noodley goodness. it was good, but i think i like Uni's veg sushi platter a bit better. now.... i have sub points on my great night.

  • at raku i had a strange chick staring at me like i was the devil before her very eyes. or my face had gone green. come to find out, AP had dated said gal in like... 2004. she thought we were on a date. ha. psycho.
  • we also had coffee and listened to the brass combo that plays in dupont. they were hot last night. i love the way music brings people together. young and old, all shades of the fleshtone rainbow, business suits and clubbing dresses... dancing. it was really cool. when we decided we had seen enough and walked on, AP led me right through the center of it, and it was awesome. you could just feel the energy around you amp up as you entered the fray.
  • the weather rocked. i got to wear a sweater and jeans for the first time this season while we were eating outside.

2. i love etsy. i love buying yarn off etsy. i really want to buy some chunky art yarn for a hat, but i refuse to buy it from anyone who styles themself as Moustache Ride Yarns. i draw the line rightthere.

3. the new knitty is out! this time i am pleased, not disappointed. i want to make the urchin hat. i am also a big fan of the seed stitch hoodie and the lace throw. cover shawl is pretty too. yum yum.

4.hi Swap Pal! you get your own number this fine friday. as you asked about my affiliation with the Catholic University of America (link under 'work' in the side bar) in the comments. i will offer an explanation. i design costumes for the theatre as my "job". CUA hires professionals to design their theatre shows. they hired me last winter, and i will be doing a show for them again this spring. so they land in the work pile. i like to give a little nod to the folks who make sure i have food on the table and yarn on the needles.

5. Swap Pal also commented on my lack of understanding myspace. we share that confusion. maybe i don't get it because it is so loud, disorganized, and usually unattractive in appearance that my brain can't handle it and i overload. it offends my design sensibilities. i also don't like being stalked by people i meet randomly, and that has happened too. boo myspace.

6. my ravelry position. i check it about twice a week. people who check in twice an hour need to get a life. yes, i judge. not really. to each their own.

Found you!
  • You signed up on July 29, 2007
  • You are #21487 on the list.
  • 9009 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 11199 people are behind you in line.
  • 37% of the list has been invited so far

7. i have started working the gusset on my southwestern socks. and both windy washcloths are done. pictures of sock progress soon.

lonesome sock
remember me? soon i will have a friend!

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