20 February 2007

3-d cupcake

cupcakefailing to photograph myself in the sweater, i borrowed the dress form at CUA today. she doesn't have hips, and her bust is a wee bit pointy, but you get the idea of what the sweater really looks like, at least.

it was strange to go over to CUA, where i opened a show just 5 days ago and see it already struck. because it is a university, of course the shows are about process and not final product so much. so they run for only 6 performances. after working on shows that run at minimum 4 weeks, it seems like a lot of work for so little pay off. well... payoff for the actors. i still got a full design fee.

backi sent the handpainted cotonyarn back today. there really was not 10oz there, and that is unacceptable. i am tempted to leave negative ebay feedback because the lady was in total denial that there was a problem and then when she cheerfully refunded me, she didn't refund the shipping even though the problem was her fault, not mine.

oh, yeah. and did i mention that the package arrived with a way too flowery smelling dryer sheet in it? i had no idea why until i stuck the yarn under my nose and sniffed it like a dustbuster.... cigarette smoke! lady was trying to cover up her nasty smoke smell with a nasty dry sheet! ugh! i can't even believe she sells (ugly) handmade baby afghans from her home. i bet she chain smokes away while she crochets her acrylic granny squares in lorian, ohio.

i'm from the midwest. i'm allowed to make fun of my own people.

on an up note, i did find a replacement for the handpainted cotton boucle. this is not handpainted, but it is the suggested yarn for the project and i did not pay retail. i'll post a picture when it arrives.


The Trendy Tailor said...

I hate that on ebay. I got some acrylic drink glasses for a show, and the box smelled like nasty when I got it--even after a lot of washing, the plastic had absorbed the smoke.

Marietta said...

hot! very hot - even if the boobs on the form are pointy!
cannot wait to see you in it!