23 February 2007

yay! boo! huh....?

flash!clearly this is a day of mixed emotions.

to the left we see the happiness of it all. this is some beautiful Classic Elite Flash that i plan to crochet into a pretty summer shawl/swimsuit cover-up for one of my girlfriends. it came in the mail today--another ebay treat. besides being beautiful yarn, i love the label. it has a neat little lightning blot on it and a list of reasons to knit with flash....

  • bright fun colors
  • easy care
  • great for kids and the kid in you!

it seems so quaint and old school. but the claims are all true. it just makes me smile. the yarn is wound in quaint old school hanks as well, so i get to do some old fashion winding into center pull balls.

now the bad.
my knitting needles have still not arrived. 20 mailing days, people! i checked the tracking, and at least they are back from their side trip to new jersey. (they started in texas, went to california, and then they crossed the country and landed in capital heights, maryland. they ran off to jersey and now they are back in capital heights. sigh!)

and i will end this on a note of confusion. lion brand came out with a new yarn this week. it is called sasha, and it is supposed to look like persian lamb with "just one stitch!" there are just so many questions.... first, why make a yarn that only looks good in one stitch (garter stitch!?)? and if you have such a specific product, why not write more patterns for it (only four?!)?

and understanding that you make these very specific yarns in hopes of making a lot of money off of them because there are no others out there like them (no substitutions) why price it so the trend oriented people can't afford it?!? there are 21 yards in a ball. and a ball costs $6.99 ack! i am just baffled!

can there really be that many visionless, gullible garter stitchers in the world? i hope not.

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