13 February 2007

snow daze

stash enrichmentdress rehearsal was canceled tonight. it started to snow and everyone in the greater DC metro area began jumping up and down screaming "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!" it has since stopped snowing, and i am certain that our show's director is sitting a home grumbling and swearing.

i don't mind the cancellation because the costumes are in good shape. and i get some extra time to do other things i need to get done. something i did today that didn't need to be done, was pick up some on sale yarn for future projects.
i had to make a return at arundel mills on my way back from baltimore, so i had a chance to hit the sale. pictured above is the yarn that will eventually be two scarves, two hats, a little summer sweater, two dish clothes, and a pair of socks. the more exciting find than the inexpensive yarn, was the large hole pailettes. and only for $1.96!

i have never found them in a store, only online, and they are usually two or three times more expensive. they will be part of a fun sparkly hat from the first stitch'n bitch book.

enough playing hooky. time to be a big kid and do some real work.

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