19 February 2007

letters from home

heartsi am very excited. my mum is sending me this pretty dishcloth she made. she has been trying to improve her knitting as well. clearly she is further along than i am because she is practicing lace patterns.

hopefully i can make pretty lacey things one day!

she also sent me this picture from christmas. that is my parents' dining room and sunroom behind me, and the pup in my lap is samson. he is my mum's (huge!) jack russell terrier, and he jumped up in my lap because he was bored and annoyed that no one was playing with him. mum was making christmas eve dinner, and i was crocheting a hat. he looks just terribly neglected doesn't he?

with sam

i made a sweater for sam for christmas, and my mum is working on pictures of that for me. maybe latter in the week!

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