22 February 2007

this week is WIP-ing by

spring in winterthe week is flying by. this is what happens when i pick up a "day job" gig. those weeks fly by because i am trying to cram extra work in at unusual hours. i also find when that day job is sewing related, the week goes by quickly because i am more tired from being in the shop. working in a shop is not the best for one's body... crouching, reaching, stooping, standing on concrete all day while using pointy objects. you get the idea.

to make matters worse, i tried to kill someone today. not really, but i felt like a total jerkface when i merrily took my afternoon snack break and one of the other girls in the shop had an allergic reaction to the peanut butter i was eating on my apple.... from across the room. i didn't know anyone was allergic. and in my defense, someone else was eating PB on celery earlier and there was peanut butter candy sitting out all day and everything was fine. what's a girl to do?

anyway. in happy news.
pictured above is my latest WIP. it is an open work scarf and hat set. the scarf proper is finished, and now i am adding the border. the hat will be made of the black yarn with a pink border. i love scarves and hat. they are my favourite "change it up" accessories, and i make plenty of them. for this reason, whenever i make them, i tend to go lower end on the yarn. i'm still reserving judgment on the yarn i selected. so far, not so good, but we'll see after i throw it in the wash.

the set is supposed to be made in Aurora Bulky, but it retails for $8.50 per ball, and this set requires 8 balls. ha. yeah. not for a set that will see maybe maybe 5 turns up to bat per year. i'm also pretty hard on 100% merino items. it is so soft and the twist is usually so light that i find it pills up more than i like.

full details when i finish the hat!

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