02 February 2007


someone is a dumbass.... me! congratulations are in order on my very first truly nice work, dumbass! mistake.

yes, that is right, i put my work down to take a phone call, picked it back up, and began knitting off the wrong needle. so on the right side of the picture, i have three completed rows, while on the left side of the picture i have completed five rows. oh, well.

the good news is that when i slipped the work off the needles and checked my gauge again, i needed to go down a needle size. i started out too loose and got tighter. pooh. i guess it takes the edge off of frogging for my other mistake. i may not cast on again until i get my circulars because i think it will allow me to knit longer.

having the work on my left needle makes that hand tired, and i have a hard time holding the needles for very long. my left ring finger and pinky are a little sad. when i was about 16, i was sewing and not paying enough attention to what i was doing because i was in a hurry (i wanted to wear the skirt i was making to go out that evening) and while snipping threads, i snipped into my ring finger with a big pair of shears. it has never really been the same since. i pulled a similar stunt on my pinky with an x-acto knife in grad school.

the only up side to this is that i can now effortlessly do the vulcan salute with my left hand.

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penguingirl said...

Penguingirl is flippering out over her new sweater! Thanks kittything!