16 February 2007


image property of lion brandit will probably come as no surprise, but Lion Brand, aka The House That Fun Fur Built has broken my heart again. this time they have given me a yarn with dreamy qualities that just don't stand up to reality. i am talking about microspun, their microfiber sport weight yarn.

it seemed like such a good idea.
i'm crocheting a 50s pin-up gal type of sweater, and i am a little unsure of the pattern's ultimate effectiveness. so before i invested the money in the suggested yarn (which happens to only be distributed in canada, so i would have to buy it online and pay canadian shipping rates) i decided to make a trial run sweater out of microspun. bad idea.

cupcake sweater you see, this yarn untwists like nobody's business when you crochet it. this causes loops of the twists to suicide off your hook and make the work less pretty. i pride myself on very pretty stitches, so this is hugely disappointing. the only solution is to slow down the pace (painfully so) and tear back every time you notice a lost little loop.

don't believe the photos on the website! this yarn is not nicely twisted together like lion brand would lead you to believe. it is inexpensive for a very good reason. it is a shame i was tricked by the softness and seduced by the promise of a soft drape. don't fall into this trap! it will only lead to sorrow.

but on an up note, you will see from the photo above that i have made good progress despite the nasty yarn. the sample sweater may be saved yet. with any luck it may go on to live a long life as an actual garment in my wardrobe.

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Orinda5 said...

I know what you are saying about microspun. I like the feel of it, but you are right about the untwisting. It also doesn't recover well from coming in contact with velcro - all the little strands pull out in loops that you can't ease back in. I made a kid hat out of it, and it looks a little worse for wear these days.

Thanks for commiserating with me about the frou-frou sweater. I've decided to take a break from it for awhile until I decide what I really want to do with it.