17 February 2007

in the continuing saga of yarn and disappointment...

rainbow bouclei am grumpy. ebay is letting me down in ways it has not before. i love ebay for my higher end yarn needs, so i decided to try buying some other craft related items. pictured is the awesome yarn that arrived today. it came super fast and the colors are just as fantastic in person as on screen but (and there is a big but) the posting title and description stated that this would be a 10 ounce skein.

the skein that arrived is only 6 ounces. i need the additional 4 ounces to make the gift i intend to crochet from this awesome cotton boucle. i emailed the seller, and we will see if she can send me more. i hope she can, but i won't hold my breath because it is hand painted by the seller, and she may simply not have any more stock. if she tries to dye more, the colors probably won't match.

the second ebay disappointment is still floating in the ether. i ordered a set of interchangeable circular knitting needles on january 27th, and they still have not arrived. i'm giving it until wednesday before i start jumping up and down on the seller. by then i should be done with my sweater, and i really want to cast on for a hat.

keep your fingers crossed for me. especially about the cotton yarn. it is just perfect for a project, and i really want it to work out.

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