17 February 2007

happy valentine's day

pink carnationsyes, i know i am late, but on the actual 14th i was working my behind off to get ready for a meeting, and thehairyape had a show. so we just talked on the phone. i think he got the card on time that i sent him, but he didn't get to see me until last night, which is when he gave me the hot pink carnations.

i love carnations, especially the mini ones because they look like the wildflowers you see growing in the medians on ohio highways. aren't they pretty? and yes, that is a pickle jar because thehairyape and i are both just that classy.

i also have a V-day present for a certain little (flightless) bird. i present.... toby! this is thehairyape's cat. i live vicariously through him because i want a cat so badly. i like to lavish toby with bits of ribbon yarn, rabbit fur mice and sometimes treats.

less with the treats because he is fat. i think i took 20+ pictures to get one of him holding still. i'm certain he won't let me take his picture because i am always telling him he is fat.

soon i will post a picture of another fury friend.

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The Trendy Tailor said...

Yay! Fatty Toby! His picture arrives!