07 February 2007

sock it to me.

gmail is great because it provides you links at the top of the page to items you may be interested in viewing based on the content of you email. well, today i had a link to something called the Sock Sack. it is a device designed to prevent your washer and dryer from eating your socks.

um, yeah.
it's called a lingerie bag. they cost $1.99 at CVS, not $10 + shipping.

i guess you could say that i am only being so snarky about this because i never thought to market a lingerie bag this way. perhaps this is true.

the graphics make this whole post worthwhile. go check out the fierce appliances shredding defenseless socks. and the joyful protected socks smiling and dancing because their owners were stupid enough to be overcharged on their behalf.

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