20 February 2007

sweet treat

cupcakei finished my sweater last night! i couldn't get a good picture of me wearing it, but it actually looks fantastic on, which had me worried when i first decided to make it because the model looks a little funny in the pictures. now i realize it is because she is a model and not a real girl. this sweater looks much better on the non-bone-thin.

the details...

designed by Laura-Jean Bernhardson
published in Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker

stitched in Lion Brand Microspun (Ebony) 100% acrylic microfiber on a size "I" US hook. seams sewn together with scrap Tahki Cotton Classic. neck ribbon detail out of braided Tahki Cotton Classic (Black, Hot Pink, Magenta).

i made the smallest size with a few minor changes. in the schematic the small has a 31.5" bust, and the medium has a 36" bust. i added more increases to the small in the bust to get it closer to my 33.5" and avoid a baggy or busting-out-all-over look. i also was lucky enough to have scrap black cotton yarn in my stash to sew the seams. there was no way i was going to deal with the untwisting microspun in the seams. the extra cotton gave me the idea to braid three strands to make the ribbon accent instead of buying some stupid polyester satin ribbon. i think it looks really nice.

neck detail
my final change was to the way the sleeves are put in. they are supposed to be sewn together for 1" at the bottom and then set in. to make the armseye more comfortable, i set them in more like a raglan without them meeting at the bottom. i hate a tight armseye, and this really made the sweater comfortable.

this is when i thank my lucky stars for all the experience i have sewing fabric garments. i can make small adjustments like that and know what impact they will have on the finished garment. i can imagine that lack of garment construction experience could be one reason why people hate the finishing steps of knitting or crochet. that and the fact that you feel like okay, i'm done... now i have to do all of this!?!?

i think i may make another one eventually in a fun color. yay! fun!

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