28 February 2007

workin' 9 to 5

sparkle hatit has been a while since i really posted because i have been working a temporary full time day job at my graduate school alma mater in addition to my design work. my poor mum was bored the other day and she didn't have a blog entry to brighten her day! bad kittything!

to the left we see a hat i am knitting. it is a basic sockinette hat on circulars, but it is sprinkled with lovely pailettes. they are a bit hard to see in the angle of this photo; they are the funny dark circles. i did finish the pink and black scarf i posted progress photos of last week, but i will show the finished product with the finished hat. i decided to do the knit hat before the matching crochet number because my knitting needle set finally arrived on saturday, and i really want to wear this hat before it gets too warm.

project bagin addition to the job, i have had a little fun this week. myself and about seven other gals had a clothing swap on monday night. it was fantastic. i gave away some wonderful clothes that i simply don't wear anymore, and i got brand new items from the other ladies. the whole thing is a free swap with the idea being that your nice stuff will find a good home and your embarrassing items will go to charity. it is the very definition of "one man's trash, another man's treasure". only, the men are women and the treasure is sometimes a pair of red leather Coach loafers.

yes, i gave away a pair of Coach loafers. they will live a far better life on the feet of my friend.

pictured to the right is an awesome bowling bag style purse another fabulous gal gave to me. i plan to use it as a medium sized project bag. it is nice and compact, but it will hold a lot of yarn. it will probably debut next week at the stitch 'n bitch i plan to attend next monday. that's right. stop the presses! two weeks of fun mondays in a row! slow me down because the fun is getting too crazy!

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