06 February 2007

knit + crochet = happy friends

cascade 220 The Heathersi woke up today feeling worse than yesterday, so it may be another two post day as i work on the cabled scarf. i will become a knitter yet!

this is my latest finished object to build my skills, and i think it turned out very well. i finished it sunday during the superbowl and it has been drying after being washed and blocked.

Luscious Collar
by Annette Petavy
published in Interweave Crochet Fall 2006

worked in Cascade 220 Heathers color #9462 (a black and bordeaux twist) 100% Peruvian Highland Merino Wool

this one is fun because you start it out by working in knit 2, purl 2 rib on size US "7" needles. after making the ribbed collar part, you pick up at the cast on row and begin crocheting the lace on a size "K" hook. the whole pattern is very simple for either a crocheter trying to learn to knit or a knitter who has never crocheted before because it only uses the basics of both crafts (cast on, knit, purl, chain, single crochet. half double crochet) and has little finishing.
luscious collar
i only made two small changes.
the pattern calls for a button closure, but i decided to not use one because i own a lot of brooches and i plan to close my collar with those--voila! instant new look every time! the second change was a little extra finishing. i decided to single crochet up the selvedge on the crocheted half of the collar to make it look a little more neatly finished. the knit edges are slipped to form a selvedge, so i wanted my crochet to look just as nice.

this was a lot more fun than a scarf to practice ribbing. i think i would get bored before finishing a whole scarf in ribbing. also, i really don't need another super basic scarf. while it was a smaller amount of ribbing, i still got to practice my Stitch Doctor skills. i goofed a few times, so i had to drop stitches to change them from knits to purls or vice versa. i also corrected some twisted stitches with ease. i was a knit-fixin' superstar. well, for now.

i can't wait to wear this!

stitch detail


Annette said...

What a beautiful job!

I really like your choice of yarn, and the brooche closure is an excellent idea.

Annette Petavy


FRM115 said...

thank you, annette. your pattern inspired me to properly take up knitting... so that i can use it with my crochet, of course!

i am considering your Josephine sweater for a future project. yum!