13 August 2007

2nd sock syndrome

calmer socksi have been accused of having second sock syndrome. you know... finish one sock and never knit the second. well, i am proving the naysayers wrong! i completed the 2nd half of two sock projects over the weekend. never mind that i had four single socks, and that means i still have two to finish. i'm half cured, i guess.

my real excuse is that i get bored working the same stitch pattern for too long. so don't expect the fourth basket weave sock for awhile! project details....

Hand Basket Socks
designed by kittything

knit in Rowan Calmer (2 balls #465 "Onyx" 75% cotton, 25% microfiber) purchased at Knit+Stitch = Bliss on size US 4 and US 5 Crystal palace Bamboo double point needles.

started: may 27, 2007
finished: august 9, 2007

so there they are. they took awhile to knit because i stopped working on them when my ex and i split. now they get tucked away in a drawer until they pick an owner. or i suddenly begin wearing a men's size 11 shoe. those of you who are clever will note the name of the socks implies their history. (they are basket weave and when i was knitting them everything went to hell in a hand basket. i'm too witty sometimes.)

i'm also posting the pattern for these babies. be forewarned! this is the first knitting pattern i have ever written. i am sure the smaller size is accurate, but some of my numbers may be slightly off on the larger size. this will teach me to write as i go instead of at the end. koigu cuties
the second finished project is my not-a-socks. i finished them up while i was working at the store on saturday. they helped me discover a new (to me) needle i love! the details...

Short Toed Socklets
designed by the folks over at Regia
(pattern downloads as PDF)

knit in Koigu Painters Palette Premium Merino (less than 1 skein of #857, 100% merino wool) purchased at Knit+ Stitch = Bliss on size US 2 Brittany birch double point needles.

started: may 26, 2007
finished: august 11, 2007

these were just an excuse to try out koigu and see what all the hype is about. i liked working in it, but i am not going to become a koigu nutcase. i will, however, continue to use the Brittany needles. they are perfect for a slick yarn like koigu. i am sure i will use them when i knit up the ShiBui sock yarn i have.

new socknow that i finished up two pairs of socks, i decided to start another! because, you know, i need one more project.

but isn't the yarn yummy? it is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Sunriver colorway. yum! i'm sure this super star will return soon.

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