22 August 2007


alice's gardentoday i received another wonderful package of sock yarn in the mail from another delightful Etsy seller. isn't it pretty? this time we have...

475 yards of 100% British Blue Faced Leicester Superwash Wool in the "Alice's Garden" colorway. purchased from White Willow.

go buy from her! her prices are similar to what you would pay at you LYS for hand painted sock yarn, and the service was excellent. the package was well wrapped, and when i opened it she had included a personal note on pretty stationary and packed the yarn with a lavender sachet so it would smell delightful after the long journey from Tennessee. just lovely!

as if you needed another reason to buy from this fine gal, she is a work-at-home mom who funds her opportunity to chase around her toddler by selling her handmade goodies. support the self-employed! we need all the help we can get.

look what else she included....

a pretty matching glass stitch marker tied to the handmade skein label!

i just can't stop looking at the colors. they make me want a basket to put my pretty new yarn in beside my desk so i can just stare at it all the time. that is saying something. i am not a basket person. all of my furniture is dark wood finish from Ikea, and i have an animal print bedspread.

no baskets here.

i will need to find a very special sock pattern for this stuff, and until then, i will use it as a centerpiece!

1 comment:

Marietta said...

i think sock yarn as a center piece is a lovely idea

though fritz and the cats do not agree :)