18 August 2007

i'm getting old, buy me stuff: a top ten list.

i was talking with my mum on the phone the other day when we had that classic revelation...

mum of kittything: oh, yeah... you're birthday is coming up.
kittything: yeah. two weeks. i'm old.
mum: what do you want?
kittything: pay a month of my student loan?
mum: (exasperated, but amused) well, that isn't very fun.
kittything: eh.

that's how we always talk about birthdays. i don't understand people who get all revved-up and declare themselves Queen of the World for their birthday, birthweek, or even birthmonth. i have friends like that. i don't get it. i mean, i like a good time as much as the next gal, but i try to keep it low key around my birthday. the years i don't, bad things happen.

like the time i got dumped on my birthday by a guy i wasn't even that into. at least i will always have something to remember my 22nd year by.

blue kitty
well, this year i'll play along and make a wish list. you get to decide which ones i am actually serious about. all of them of course... but... well... you'll see.

1. a kitty. but not just any kitty. i want a Russian Blue. preferably a rescue kitty, but still a russian blue. boy or girl, i don't care, so long as it is a blue kitty.

earrings2. birthstone earrings. i can't find the perfect square cut studs, so these dangle ones are the new contenders. maybe i should get these for myself. they would be pretty to wear to my cousin's wedding, which has a lot of green going on.

ring3. let's stick to a theme for a second.... i have been totally coveting this ring for over a year and a half. i almost bought it instead of my "Chrysler building" deco-style tourmaline ring to commemorate the end of grad hell... i mean, grad school. fyi-i wear a size 6.

4. i don't hold out hope on jewelry because i asked for a diamond skull pendant last christmas and my father laughed at me. hey friends--those of you that keep telling me i need to stop wearing the necklace my ex gave me... here's your chance to replace it! haHA!

5. a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. yum. sock yarn. ooooh. hand painted sock yarn. hey. don't look at me like that. i don't actually have a stash, so i am allowed!

handknit holidays6. my car insurance. pick any increment. i'm not choosy. one month is over-generous to my sticker-shocked eyes. ah, and no... no picture of the little gecko. i refuse to do anything that may feed his ego.

7. Handknit Holidays. have you ever opened this book? oh, my goodness. i want to make... oh about everything! (not the cover project. it is lame.) who wouldn't want to knit an aran tree skirt?! and this book also has the closest thing to a traditional fair isle sweater i would ever wear. that is saying something!

owl lamp8. i really want to knit the clover lace wrap sweater from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. for some reason i never let myself buy this book. someone, give me permission so i can knit the pretty cardigan. it is used on amazon.com for $2.13.

9. my favourite lamp is breaking. i have to try not to touch it too much (difficult since i can't turn it on with my mind... yet) so i think this little guy should move in to take its place. shade sold separately, but i really like that one. i have a thing for illustrated birds.

10. and finally, a macbook. the black one. it is sexier than the white one.

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Gwen said...

You could combine your powers to be captain planet with that ring.

excited about Arabian Nights! woot!

if I don't see you before your birthday, have an awesome one. I hope you get some of these things.