18 August 2007

christmas in august

today was the craziest day, which is why the round-up photo on my latest project is a pretty lame one. i was running around like mad trying to make it to the bridal shower at which these were to be presented. so.. um... pardon my leopard print.

"I Do" Snowflakes
designed by various
living together at Crochet Pattern Central

crocheted in DMC Cebelia (1 ball bleach white #10 crochet thread, 100% cotton) on a 2.75mm steel crochet hook.

started: January 2007
finished: august 17, 2007

these babies were a labor of love. i love my friend so i am willing to kill my hands on tough crochet thread, pointy hooks, and yanking snowflakes into pinned-down blocking submission. hopefully these will give her years of enjoyment at the holidays with her sweetheart--even more love!

i have a feeling they will be loved in their new home. J's favourite holiday is christmas. she is even getting married in december with a holiday theme to her wedding, so i think these are appropriate. to augment my shower gift i bought her a "useful" item as well: a white enamel wrought iron cookbook holder and the Taste of Home Backyard Grilling cook book. after all, her future husband needs to handle his share of the cooking!

now, to address a recent comment by Miss Mar. ahem.
you are truly taking this knitting thing seriously - and here i was thinking that you were a crocheter!
i'm bi-craft-ual.
i love and respect crochet and knitting equally. i value them separately for what they each are and don't try to make one be the other. i know that is strange because many knitters "can crochet some" and many crocheters don't bother with knitting, but i really and truly like to do both. if i do one for too long without the other, i get twitchy.

now, if you judge by the sidebar, i am slightly ahead on knit projects versus crochet projects for 2007. but some of my crochet projects have been doozeys! a crocheted a hip-length, long sleeve cardigan, thread snowflakes and an afghan. all of them took much more time and effort than say... knit hand warmers.

take some comfort knowing my "to do list" (yes, i have one) has about twice as many crochet projects on it compared to knit ones. then again i did order sock yarn last week, so when that arrives, my numbers may skew slightly. hehehe.

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Marietta said...

I am also "bi-craft-ual" and if you count sewing i think that means i am "tri-craft-ual"

btw, check this out: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/knitlikeapirate.html