21 August 2007

this is getting self-indulgent

baby pandameet Baby Panda. he and i go way back. he always has a smile on his face, which is something i like about him. i also like that he in an excellent yarn model.

i was out shopping for a show today when i popped into one of my favourite this'n'that boutiques. lookie what i got! show them, Baby Panda! it was so pretty and inexpensive that i could not resist. Baby Panda is holding 470 yards of kettle dyed lace weight 100% baby merino wool. it is from Malabrigo, and the colorway is #237, cuarenta.

you'll have to forgive the poor photo. i got home late and indoors was all i could do. the color is a pretty magenta, teal and navy with purple accents. i am trying to wrap my mind around the name which means the number "40" in spanish. but the color is 237... apparently "cuarenta" is also a card game popular in Ecuador.

hm. anyway, pretty yarn. this isn't entirely "stash", per se. i plan to make knitty.com's Branching Out with it. i have been pondering that project for awhile, and i think this yarn will be swell.

jules' jewelsnext up on the yarn porn block is some sock yarn i bought on Etsy. this is 440 yards of hand dyed 100% merino wool in the "Halloween" colorway. purchased from Jules over at Jules Fiber Jewels. she's really nice. the yarn is pretty + soft, and it is way affordable. go buy her stuff!

i don't know what sock pattern i will use, but i need to knit these in the next few months because miss jules has asked i send her a picture of whatever i make. can't refuse a request like that!

ahem. another stupid photo with my hand in because it was raining today and i couldn't sit anything down. but the colors look amazing because it was so overcast. just look at that green leafy goodness in the background!

kitchen ropelast we have something silly. where i got the lace yarn, i saw this super fun "double worsted" kitchen cotton. more like kitchen rope. i like to make dish cloths as a quick little stress reliever so i thought this stuff would be neat to try.

2 50 yard skeins of 100% cotton goodness in #177 "aztec" colorway.

i'm going to keep myself out of trouble. clearly. especially since i have some more sock yarns coming this week. stop looking at me like that. traditionally i get myself a birthday present every year. this year is is just arriving a little early. i promise i won't use any of it until after the big day.

southwest sock has the hiccups. i keep making stupid lace mistakes because people think it is okay to talk to me when i am counting. boo. update soon. promise!

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