23 August 2007


bagsnone of us can escape becoming our mothers. this is a kittything revelation of the week. my mother and i have the same hobbies. we laugh the same, and sound the same on the phone. we use the same odd-ball expressions in conversation. we look so much alike that people have told me i am my mother's "mini me". we are even unnatural redheads together.

now i seem to have become a bag lady like my mother. see. look at all of those. there must 8 or 10 of them there! i save them to carry projects in when taking a "real" or larger bag is inappropriate or ill advised.

this has to be the extent of it. if i stop people from throwing our things because they are a "nice box" or a "nice bag", smack me silly. i love my mom, and she rocks, but i can't start doing the one thing i can still make fun of her for.

southwestern socki finished the first southwestern sock yesterday morning. i would have shown it off last night, but i had a binding off disaster.

this is my first toe-up sock, and i had never bound off a cuff before. well, i failed. there was no way my foot was going in that baby. so i cursed and moaned and researched for a bit. i thought i had settled on my new bind off technique, and then i switched. in the end it is done. i think i like kitchener stitch better than a stretchy bind off so we will see if i knit more socks toe-up.

i apologize for the strange photo. i couldn't get a good balance of seeing the stitch pattern, the true color and the entire sock. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. if you listen to meatloaf.

i reswatched for the second sock last night. casting on today! i also swatched for a sweater while i was too pissed off at the sock to try binding off again. also casting on for that because it is a more mindless knit than the lace pattern in the socks and i need something i can knit in the dark.

tech starts tonight! wish me well!

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Cactusneedles said...

I love the colors of your sock. It looks good, even though you said you had problems! Take care.