15 August 2007

oh, joy! oh, rapture!

rapturethis is a hit-and-run entry.

i really like the Anti-Craft in theory, but i have never made any of their projects because they just aren't quiet what i have been looking for when i see them...

exception: the skull arm warmers. they are on my to do list.

but this time they have me! or at least their numbers have me. in the newest issue, they have Painted Lady.... a top-down raglan sweater knit at 3.5 stitches to an inch. i have been looking for one of these so i could knit a sweater out of yarn i bought at work on sale. i'm going to make mine short sleeved and not cropped, (Painted Lady = long sleeves and cropped) but at least now i have the numbers to do it! woo-hoo!

oh, yeah.
look at the pretty rapture! yum! it is a 50% wool, 50% silk, and soon it will be a sweater for kittything. well, not too soon.

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