27 August 2007


i have had an up tick in readers since the Knitting Blogs web ring added me last week. this means i have been getting comments from people i don't actually know in walkabout life.

that is wonderful. blogger--it seems--is not so wonderful. i have no way of thanking people or following up because blogger doesn't post emails and for some people they can't even link their blog in the comments.

perhaps this can be fixed next week when i have more time for an in-depth investigation of the bowels of blogger. but, until then... i promise i'm not snooty! just more technology impaired than i thought.

ps- the sweater won. i worked one more full repeat of the lace chart on the sock, but then i worked on the sweater and modified it from my original intent. we are into the third ball of yarn and knitting bellow-the-arms rounds, folks!


1 comment:

Criquette said...

When you figure out how to enable email links and the like on Blogger, please let me know? I have the same problem and I still haven't figured it out.