20 August 2007

skeins from heaven

i received 6 skeins of Debbi Bliss Alpaca Silk from the yarn gods. the yarn is gold, so it isn't one of my usual colors, but it is so soft and lovely so i would like to do something with it. and in the world of gold yarn this is pretty nice. hrm.

AND i suppose i could use my graduate education and actually dye the stuff (or the finished piece). i didn't batik into the wee hours of the morning just to let all my dye skills languish.

here's the real problem. with only 71 yards on a ball, i have 426 yards to play with. decisions. decisions.

in entirely unrelated news, the blog will dial back a bit for at least a week. i'm headed into another tech week at Everyman Theatre, so i will be both busy and commuting to Baltimore.

in unrelated knitting news (the delay in photo is from work, however) i have turned the heel and begun the leg on my the first of my Southwestern Socks. they are really fun to knit. go see wendy and get your own copy of the pattern. or just be inspired by her summer of socks!

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