26 August 2007

work it!

baby pandait has been a long weekend in a cold, dark theatre, and my show is coming along nicely. we have photos tomorrow and then a preview audience tuesday! woot!

while the clothes are on stage and i can't do anything to them, i have been knitting. now from the tiny toe Baby Panda is modeling it looks like i didn't get much knitting done. yes and no. i didn't get much sock knitting done because i was knitting in almost constant darkness and lace chart + dark = no good for kittything.

instead i worked on my top down raglan sweater that knits on size 10.5 US needles and just has simple increases every other row. yay for stitch markers in the dark. i decided not to take a picture until i rejoin under the arms because right now the sweater looks like a big grey blob on a circular needle. the production manager and lighting designer were trying to figure out what the heck i was making (they guessed hat. funny funny hat.) and looked very dubious when i said a sweater.

i am 4 rounds from finishing my increases and then i have 12 after that before i join under the arms. so maybe tomorrow or the next day... we'll see. socks have a siren song, you know.

Warning! Content Only a Sock Knitter Could Love!

and i am happier with my 2nd toe-up sock than i was with the first and i have only knit one lace repeat after the toe! ha! i am happier because this toe is much better than my last toe which is a little loosey-goosey for my taste and has some twisted stitches. i know, i know. should have cast on again, but i had already tried three cast ons two or three times each so i just rolled with my best figure-8 cast on.

this time i did sort of a combo of the provisional cast on you would work for a short row toe and the working in the round after four rows of the figure 8. i am sure i didn't invent this bastardized cast on, but i don't know if it has a name or acceptance among sock knitters. i do know that it looks pretty and gets the job done.

now we return to the epic struggle... who will win? the sweater? or the sock? dun. dun. daaaaah!

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Pennie said...

what cute socks . . . enjoyed reading your blog too.