07 August 2007

i'm back!

and boy, do i have a lot to share. (tattoos, parties, knitting!) i will get to all of it later, but i wanted to post a quick picture update.

toby is safe and sound back in his real home with his real family. but before he left he expressed to me his interest in becoming an artist. here is some of his work in progress...

toby the artist

i will give the squared afghans one final hurrah in these pages. here is my cousin showing her gift to our grandmother. my cousin, is, of course the one in the novelty veil. we were at her wedding shower.

she really liked the present, and i was very lucky with my color choice. i had not seen the colors in her living room, and my selections actually worked out very well!

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Marietta said...

have yet to see a blog entry about those tattoos......