10 August 2007

road knit

foliage scarfi have been playing catch-up all week. catch up on work, the store, time with friends, reading, and so on. now it is time to catch up on the blog. as promised, here is the knitting i did while i was on the road. i actually got a lot done.

technically this one is not a Road Knit, per se. i finished it while i was working at the store about 8 hours before i departed on the road trip back to Ohio. but i thought i would feature it here since it was part of the whole trip preparation experience. the details....

Foliage Seed Stitch Scarf
"designed" by kittything
pattern: seed stitch worked over 21 stitches

knit in Berroco Foliage (3 balls #5963 "Lavender Twist" 53% new wool, 47% acrylic) purchased at Knit + Stitch = Bliss on a 24" size 10 Addi Turbo circular needle.

started: july 23, 2007
finished: august 2, 2007

flower cloththis is a really pretty scarf, and the seed stitch is a great way to show off this particular yarn (it is a think and thin) but i think i am done with seed stitching for awhile. over 250 yards of it gets to be a little much. i talked a lot about this yarn and project before, so it will suffice to say that i am happy with it, and i hope the new owner will like it come holiday time.

next up we have another holiday gift. i am making two things for this person, and this is one of them.

Reverse-Bloom Flower Washcloth
designed by Cindy Taylor
published in Weekend Knitting

knit in Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille (1 skein #9008 medium blue, 100% cotton) purchased at Knit + Stitch = Bliss on a set of 6" size 5 Crystal Palace Bamboo double point needles.

started: august 3, 2007
finished august 6, 2007

this is a neat little project that has a very interesting construction technique. you start by making all of the petals then join them to knit toward the center of the cloth in the round. very unusual. the instructions tell you to use at least an 8" double point needle set (or a 16" circular, switching to Dpns)

listen to them! i managed to knit mine on 6" double points, but it was a bear for about 50% of the center. you have 108 stitches to join in the first three rounds and it doesn't really get easy again until you are nearly to the last three rounds. as i said, i manged, but it took me a lot longer to knit this than it would have if i had the right tools.

now i know the question on everyone's mind... does the chenille worm? for me, no. this one is knit at the gauge stated on the label, and i had no trouble with it. now, it has only been washed once for blocking purposes, so i have no idea how this will hold up in the long run. i personally think that cotton chenilles worm much less than rayon or rayons blends (like Touch Me.)

calmer sockthe last thing i did in the car was major sock progress on the 2nd Men's Calmer Sock. the lines indicate my progress on this old project. i had the cuff started on the 2nd sock before i got angry with the intended recipient and put them down. on monday i made it to the point where the heel flap is worked, and tuesday at work i finished the heel flap and knitting the gusset.

next time--finished socks and a work update!

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