28 August 2007

cruising with my top down

top downhere is a first peak at the top down raglan sweater i started last thursday. it no longer looks like a strange heap on the needles, so i can sorta show it off. it isn't cute yet, but it will get there.

i know, boring boring sockinette.
i needed mindless knitting i could do in the dark, and i am trying to train myself to knit without looking at my work because looking down at my work doesn't help my neck problems at all. i have to look down enough in my money-making life (drawing, painting, sewing, fixing other people's knitting, ringing people out at a cash register, etc.) that i need to be nice to my spasm-y neck and shoulder muscles.

i'm annoyed with myself because i swore i bought 9 skeins of this yarn. swore it! i bought all we had left in this color... and i can only count 8 skeins. i have almost finished three in the sweater and i have 5 more waiting. where did the 9th go? hm. well, i bought two skeins of pink to do a contrast bottom band and cuffs if i ran out of grey, and now i am glad i went ahead and got those.

the big question now is if i will do those bands in a lace pattern (oooh!) or something more simple like seed stitch (always pretty). tough decision. i feel like seed stitch would work well with the simple neckline. lace may point up the "less finished" feel of the neck as is.

i could always unravel the first four rows at the top and pick up with the contrast, but i want this to be chic... not a stupid ringer tee knit in silk/wool!

decisions, decisions.


Cactusneedles said...

Looks good. Keep on knitting:)

hopalong682003 said...

I think that since the idea of lace made you say "oooh!", that might be the way that you need to go. :-)